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'Chief Commander'

I've always had an interest from a young age, especially many nights watching 'Most Haunted' and a few personal experiences to want to know more... this is my story.

I must have been about 6 or 7 years old at the time.. we moved from Norwich to this little village in East Lothian, Scotland to a large converted Victorian Manor House. The house was beautiful, with many of its original features still intact, including an original servants lift which we dared not stand inside in case it dropped!

As we were kids at the time we all slept in one room as the rooms were large enough. I can remember at night hearing footsteps in the corridor, my mum one night having an encounter with what was described as a tall dark figure in a cloak standing at the end of the bed. One night, I remember waking up to find a small girl in a white long nightdress with long hair (very stereotypical I know) standing by the door.  At first I assumed it was my sister, until I looked at her bed to find her fast asleep.


A couple of years ago I purchased my first house with my partner in Devon. We couldn't have gone for an older property if we wanted so we settled on a beautiful 1730s cottage. I remember moving in and having the strangest feeling upstairs, like I was being watched. With restoration works carrying out and a few walls knocked down I had the feeling that we weren't alone in the house. I have seen figures in the doorways, books falling off a shelf all on its own with no explanation to the cause, and footsteps heard in the rooms above.


Ghost hunting became my passion after a visit to Great Fulford, where I met Matt. That night, amidst intense activity, we stayed late to explore further. What we saw and experienced that night we still can't put a rational explanation to.

The scariest encounter I have experienced was at the Ancient Ram Inn, which occurred while locking up. At 3am, The building's atmosphere overwhelmed us, prompting a frantic light switch-off and run!  As Matt secured the gates, a figure stared at us through the window. Our most astonishing evidence came from an SLS camera that night: a figure waved back when we asked. 

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