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Beer Quarry Caves are a fascinating man-made complex of underground caverns located near the village of Beer in Devon.

The caves have a rich history, with evidence of quarrying dating back over 2,000 years. The Romans were among the first to work in these quarries, which supplied the famous Beer Stone.

The caves provided stone for numerous iconic structures, including 24 cathedrals, such as Exeter and St. Paul’s, parts of Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Hampton Court, and Windsor Castle. 

After the Protestant Reformation and the subsequent persecution of Catholics, local Catholics sought refuge in the darkened depths of the caves. They held secret masses, defying the religious restrictions of the time.

Quarrymen worked tirelessly in the dimly lit caves, often by the flickering light of tallow candles.

Armed with hand tools such as picks and saws, they chipped away at the Beer Stone, extracting massive blocks from the cave walls.

During the 1750s an explosion in the tunnels took the lives of about 47 quarrymen.


Visitors often report eerie sensations, unexplained sounds, and strange occurrences while exploring the dark and winding passages.

Many have seen a young boy, in ripped trousers in a certain area, as well as a monk being seen pondering in the secret chapel.

With the caves’ long history of human labor and the echoes of ancient rituals, it's no wonder this underground cathedral has a story to tell for those brave enough to venture in it.

What goes 'bang'in the night?


Some important information...

What to expect on the night...

We typically start the night with a circle of protection and a chance to experience a few of the rooms without any equipment to immerse yourself into the night and tap into your sixth sense.

Throughout the night we will facilitate several vigils including modern and victorian techniques to investigate the hauntings.

A base-room will be provided to store all personal belongings during the night and to rest between vigils. Plenty of breaks will be provided.

You will also have 1 hour to explore and conduct your own vigils using any of the kit provided.

Hot & Cold Refreshments and snacks provided

Facilities on-site

Car Parking available nearby

Warm clothing and boots/wellies are recommended.

Victorian Techniques

What techniques will we use?

Modern Techniques
  • Psychic Seances

  • Ouija Boards

  • Glass Divination

  • Table Tipping

  • Crystal Pendulum

  • Spirit Dice

  • Scrying

  • EMF (Electro-magnetic Field) Detectors such as: K2 meters, Teddy bear & dolls

  • SLS Camera

  • Spirit Box for Estes Method

  • ITC 'Alice' Box

  • Rempods

  • Motion Activated music box & lights

  • Cat Balls

  • Laser Grids

  • Other trigger objects

How to find Beer Caves

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Beer is situated between Lyme Regis and Sidmouth near the A3052. Beer Quarry Caves are located about 1 mile due West from the Bus Stop on the Branscombe road. Post Code EX12 3AT. (Use EX12 3AS if your sat nav doesn’t have 3AT) From Sidmouth and Exeter turn right off the A3052 at hangman’s stone then straight on to Beer. At the bottom of the hill turn right – signed to the caves and Branscombe. From Seaton follow signs to the caves and Branscombe.

Quarry Lane



EX12 3AT

Book your tickets now!

Ticket's sell out fast at this glorious location.

Immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience.

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