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Situated in Uffculme, Devon, this grade II listed building is one of the oldest working mills in the world, continuously producing yarn, cloth, and textiles since 1797. Originally owned by the renowned textile producers 'Fox Brothers', this historic mill has a rich heritage that lives on today.

Originally a corn and grist mill dating back to medieval times, also recorded in the Doomsday Book, the Fox Brothers transformed it into a hub for wool production.

Fleece from around the world arrived at the mill, where it was spun into yarn, woven into cloth, and crafted into textiles.

The mill played a crucial role during the industrial revolution in the southwest.

Today, Coldharbour Mill stands as one of the finest working wool museums.

Thomas Fox believed in taking care of people, notably refused to employ children younger than 8 years old, even though other companies employed children as young as 4.

Their commitment to fair treatment and ethical practices set them apart in the textile industry.

In the dead of night, doors and gates rattle as if nudged by unseen hands. Footsteps can be heard from the floors above, and the sound of the old machinery can be heard running, which upon inspection would appear completely silent. The Fox family still wander the halls, and shadowy forms watch from dark corners.

Are you brave enough to experience what Coldharbour Mill has to offer?


Due the nature of this location the mill owners require a signed disclaimer which will be provided to sign on your arrival.

Please note that all attendees must sign the disclaimer, without a signature access will not be permitted.

A copy of the disclaimer can be found here

What goes 'bang'in the night?


Some important information...

What to expect on the night...

We typically start the night with a circle of protection and a chance to experience a few of the rooms without any equipment to immerse yourself into the night and tap into your sixth sense.

Throughout the night we will facilitate several vigils including modern and victorian techniques to investigate the hauntings.

A base-room will be provided to store all personal belongings during the night and to rest between vigils. Plenty of breaks will be provided.

You will also have 1 hour to explore and conduct your own vigils using any of the kit provided.

Hot & Cold Refreshments and snacks provided

Facilities on-site

Car Parking available nearby

Warm clothing and gripped footwear recommended.

Victorian Techniques

What techniques will we use?

Modern Techniques
  • Psychic Seances

  • Ouija Boards

  • Glass Divination

  • Table Tipping

  • Crystal Pendulum

  • Spirit Dice

  • Scrying

  • EMF (Electro-magnetic Field) Detectors such as: K2 meters, Teddy bear & dolls

  • SLS Camera

  • Spirit Box for Estes Method

  • ITC 'Alice' Box

  • Rempods

  • Motion Activated music box & lights

  • Cat Balls

  • Laser Grids

  • Other trigger objects

How to find Coldharbour Mill

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Coldharbour Mill is located in Uffculme, Devon near Cullompton.



EX15 3EE

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Immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience.

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