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This grade II listed building was built in 1896 for James Howell, of Howell Department Store in Cardiff.

The house was known then as 'The Grove'. 

For many years, the Mansion House served as the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Cardiff.

Civic occasions and events were hosted within its opulent walls.

The Lord Mayor’s role and responsibilities were closely tied to this grand Victorian house.

An interesting feature of the house is that it was designed to be divided into two sections, with two front doors and a wall in the cellar allowing for upward expansion.

In 1913, the Cardiff Corporation purchased the Mansion House and a major overhaul was carried out in 1998. Since then it has been used by the Cardiff Council for various events, civil ceremonies, weddings, and as the base for their protocol team.

Visitors have reported unexplained chills, faint whispers, and the sensation of being watched, some have reported glimpses of a gentleman in Victorian attire, sometimes seen near the grand staircase or in the drawing room.

James Howell, the original owner of the Mansion House, is said to linger within its walls. 

On moonlit nights, strains of piano music are said to emanate from the ballroom. Yet, when the room is investigated, it stands empty, the keys untouched.

Is it the ghostly echo of a forgotten soirée, or something more otherworldly?

Will you step into the Mansion House’s embrace? Will you peer into the darkness and ask, “Who lingers here?" 

Book now with Ghostly Nights to find out.

What goes 'bang'in the night?


Some important information...

What to expect on the night...

We typically start the night with a circle of protection and a chance to experience a few of the rooms without any equipment to immerse yourself into the night and tap into your sixth sense.

Throughout the night we will facilitate several vigils including modern and victorian techniques to investigate the hauntings.

A base-room will be provided to store all personal belongings during the night and to rest between vigils. Plenty of breaks will be provided.

You will also have 1 hour to explore and conduct your own vigils using any of the kit provided.

Hot & Cold Refreshments and snacks provided

Facilities on-site

On-Road Pay & Display Parking

Warm clothing and gripped footwear recommended

Victorian Techniques

What techniques will we use?

Modern Techniques
  • Psychic Seances

  • Ouija Boards

  • Glass Divination

  • Table Tipping

  • Crystal Pendulum

  • Spirit Dice

  • Scrying

  • EMF (Electro-magnetic Field) Detectors such as: K2 meters, Teddy bear & dolls

  • SLS Camera

  • Spirit Box for Estes Method

  • ITC 'Alice' Box

  • Rempods

  • Motion Activated music box & lights

  • Cat Balls

  • Laser Grids

  • Other trigger objects

How to find Mansion House

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Mansion House Cardiff is located on Richmond Road, very close to the city centre and situated 10 minutes away from Cardiff Queen Street rail station.

Richmond Road


CF24 3UN

Book your tickets now!

Ticket's sell out fast at this glorious location.

Immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience.

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