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The World's Oldest Prison 

Housing it's very first inmates in 1625, this prison has a long interesting history, it's no wonder it has a few stories to tell after dark....

During it's early years the prison consisted of very primitive conditions. Prisoners were not necessarily separated by the seriousness of crime committed, and often men, women and children would be held together.

Rather than using lengthy prison sentences as the punishment, fines, transportation, corporal and capital punishments were more commonly used. In fact, by the end of the 1700s, over 200 crimes were punishable by the death penalty; this was known as the Bloody Code.

After the 1800s the prison moved on to newer hard-labour punishments, such as Oakum Picking, the Crank and the Treadwheel, which can still be seen today.

After the war, the prison held the infamous London Gangsters, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, known as the 'Kray Twins'. 

After such a long history, Shepton Mallet prison was finally decommissioned on 28th March 2013. 



One of the most legendary spirits is the “White Lady”. This heartbroken murderess is known to sweep through the wing, bringing a cold wind in her wake, taunting prison staff and inmates alike for decades. 

Cold snaps, whistling heard down long echoey corridors. Physical pushes, and the desire to communicate within closed-door cells.... 

What will you experience at Shepton Mallet Prison?

What goes 'bang'in the night?


Some important information...

What to expect on the night...

We typically start the night with a circle of protection and a chance to experience a few of the rooms without any equipment to immerse yourself into the night and tap into your sixth sense.

Throughout the night we will facilitate several vigils including modern and victorian techniques to investigate the hauntings.

A base-room will be provided to store all personal belongings during the night and to rest between vigils. Plenty of breaks will be provided.

You will also have 1 hour to explore and conduct your own vigils using any of the kit provided.

Hot & Cold Refreshments and snacks provided

Facilities on-site

Car Parking available on site at a fee of £3 per vehicle

Warm clothing and suitable footwear recommended

Victorian Techniques

What techniques will we use?

Modern Techniques
  • Psychic Seances

  • Ouija Boards

  • Glass Divination

  • Table Tipping

  • Crystal Pendulum

  • Spirit Dice

  • Scrying

  • EMF (Electro-magnetic Field) Detectors such as: K2 meters, Teddy bear & dolls

  • SLS Camera

  • Spirit Box for Estes Method

  • ITC 'Alice' Box

  • Rempods

  • Motion Activated music box & lights

  • Cat Balls

  • Laser Grids

  • Other trigger objects

How to find
Shepton Mallet Prison

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Due to space, parking may be limited. The prison's car park will be opened for guests (located 50m from the entrance, on Frithfield Ln, BA4 5PE) at a fee of £3 per vehicle, to be paid in the visitor centre. Alternatively, you may find on-street parking in the vicinity of the prison, or use a public car park in the town centre (e.g. Great Ostry car park BA4 5DB, 300metres from the prison) which may be free to park after 6pm.

Frithfield Lane

Shepton Mallet


Book your tickets now!

Ticket's sell out fast at this incredible location.

Immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience.

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